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We have a system of self-government in America. There are many different levels in our system and all are important but we seem to view the local level as a lower level. Because of the big headlines in the national news everyone wants to focus on the federal government. The local level has the most direct impact on your daily life, but a citizen has the most direct impact on the local government. It's never too late to get involved. Come join the Chester Patriots or a group near you.


Learn about issues in Virginia.

Since the founding of our country all the states were considered sovereign nations even though the Federalists wanted one nation and the Anti-Federalists wanted states to be sovereign. Even in the Treaty of Paris King George III recognize not one nation but all 13 colonies as 13 sovereign nations. The ever eroding of states' rights has been making our states more and more under the control of the Federal government but it can be stopped with citizens being engaged and the right leadership to guide us.


Learn about issues in America.

After we won our independence from Great Britain, the States were very leery of a Federal (centralized) government. That is why when the States created the Federal Government they put limitations on its powers. If the powers were not listed in the Constitution then the Federal Government has no authority on that subject and the decisions were left up to each state. As we know government will always try to increase its power and it is our job as citizens to work at keeping it under control.

A few beliefs of the Chester Patriots:

The Chester Patriots, as we have come to be known, originated on March 13, 2009 in Chester, Virginia as we gathered together for the Glenn Beck T.V. show special, We Surround Them.

As a result of the advertising for this event from three businesses in the area, we filled the Village Grill, whose owner willingly opened up his doors for the viewing. We had an alternate location at a local fire station, which was also filled to capacity. This prompted a third location at the Chester Rite Aid.

If the 9 principles and 12 values summarize your thoughts, we invite you to join this growing group of concerned Americans who want to preserve the Constitution and our founding fathers vision of a true republic.

    • Faith in God
    • Free Market System
    • Limited Government
    • Fiscal Responsibility
    • Personal Responsibility
  • Individual Liberty
  • Equal Rights and Justice
  • Strong National Defense
  • Constitutional Adherence
  • Strong Communities


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    Lobby Day

    Jan 20th, 2020

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