11th District Senate Seat

Congratulations To Amanda Chase on her victory!

Amanda Chase is running for the 11th District Senate Seat which is in Amelia County, Chesterfield County and Colonial Heights City. Election date November 3rd, 2015. Amanda Chase Website

The 4th Congressional District held it's convention on May 21st 2016. Here are the results:

4th District Chairman
Jack Wilson remained Chairman with a solid win.

State Central Committee members elected were:
Barbara Tabb - From Prince George County
Pete Burkhimer - From Cheaspeake
Carey Allen - From Chesterfield

Three must read articles from The Bull Elephant about what is going on in the 4th and 7th Congressional Districts and local GOP units.

January 29, 2016:     Author: Steve Albertson:

Explosive charges leveled against Cantor allies in Gruber libel suit filing

February 1, 2016:     Author: Steve Albertson:

Document reveals Cantor allies' strategy to retake control of Virginia GOP

February 9, 2016:     Author: Steve Albertson:

Tom Gear: Establishment GOP elected officials funding VCN and smear of Fred Gruber